For select individual & their families, Estabrook delivers the best aspects of Wealth Management & The Family Office.

Estabrook eMoney provides a centralized online hub that pulls together every aspect of your financial world.

In addition to coordinating every disparate account, Estabrook uses this powerful online tool to dynamically show the impact of life decisions on your income and long-term financial planning.

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Your Family Office

Estabrook clients have built their wealth by earning it and/or inheriting it. They come to us for our experience in reducing risk, responsible growth & providing seasoned advice for their present and their future.

What have I missed?

Missing key components of your financial world creates risk. Our intake process and software tools ensure we capture everything.

Is this the right time to sell my business?

Our software dynamically shows you the long term implications on your wealth when you sell large assets. This powerful tool allows us to instantly test scenarios based on value and timing against your budget and needs.

Does our financial plan truly feel like us?

Our intake process ensures every client has a plan that is completely unique to them. No cookie cutter solutions or standard plans.

Will my money be a blessing or a curse to my children?

Careful estate and tax planning will make sure you minimize the impact on your children.

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